Giro d’Stil Firenze 2016 at Pitti Uomo 90 was a great success!

Watch footage from the race as well as interviews with distinguished guests such as Simone Righi, Andrew Weitz, Jorge Lucas, Nicola Bargi, Benedetto De Petrillo and many others from the Giro d’Stil studio on location at Pitti Uomo.

Giro d’Stil Firenze 2016 at Pitti Uomo 90 was a great success!

Many thanks to our amazing collaborators, fashion teams, riders, spectators and everybody else involved, making this such a fantastically stylish, fun and memorable event. And congratulations to Victorinox and rider Luis D. Pinedo to a great win in this global premiere of Giro d’Stil.

Footage from Giro d’Stil Firenze 2016 at Pitti Uomo 90

Giro d’Stil reporters Konrad Olsson of Plaza Magazine/Plaza Uomo and Fosco Giulianelli together with distinguished guests such as Simone Righi, Andrew Weitz, Jorge Lucas, Nicola Bargi, Benedetto De Petrillo and many others from the Giro d’Stil studio on location at Pitti Uomo.


Director: Paolo Pucci. Video operators: Martinucci, Villa, Gilberti, Baroni, Peverelli, Turconi

Giro d’Stil at Pitti Uomo 14–17.06.2016

Positioned in the middle of Fortezza Basso, is the Giro d’Stil basecamp and studio. Here spectators can take part of our philosophy, follow interviews and mini events during 4 days at Pitti Uomo.

The Race

Starting June 16th inside Fortezza da Basso at 4.30 P.M, impeccably dressed models ride through the stunning city of Florence, showing what it means to really ride in style. All riders are monitored for style as well as pulse throughout. A high pulse or fashion fouls such as a sloppily worn necktie results in penalty time.

In Giro d’Stil winning is not about being first finisher. It’s about being the most fashionable.

Press release and images

Post race press release for Giro d’Stil Firenze 2016 is found here.
Visuals courtesy of photographer Jamie Ferguson and Artist Henrik Grimner are found here.

Pre race press release for Giro d’Stil Firenze 2016 is found here.
Visuals are found here, courtesy of photographer Niklas Åkesson and Artist Henrik Grimner.

Pictures from Giro d’Stil Stockholm 2015, courtesy of Niklas Åkesson.

The Distinguished Teams

C.O.F. Studio

C.O.F. Studio has one simple mission – bring together people who share a common vision toward creating quality denim products. The brand’s collection showcase a balanced synergy between modern clean Swedish design and traditional high quality Italian made jeans, always staying true to the DNA of the company – denim. They maintain the traditional craftsmanship yet find it to be of equal importance to look forward, creating new expressions and finding new ways of managing production.


Cavaliere was founded in Borås, Sweden, in 1973. Our business developed in times when the Swedish textile industry was facing very difficult times. Our business was shaped by those days, and therefore we build our success on a never ending strive for finding new ways of working and new ideas. With Cavaliere garment, you can always feel that you look your best, whatever the occasion.

Claes Göran

From the start Claes Göran has been about courage and needs. Since we joined the world of fashion once again back in 2014 we´ve given the cosmopolitan luxury bums a new place to shop and presented to the scene the perfectly worn in look. An un contemporary fashion with an international approach doing only what the passion tells us to, together with the ones carefully chosen as exceptional skilled contributors to the brand. The pride we take of the extended family as our weavers, the factories and laundries is great. As well as the pride of the entire s. Everyone in the company are handpicked and all joins us bringing higher competence than asked for. Most working several roles within the company and does so with a drive and a passion very rarely found.


Dailyroutine is the brand that operates in the borderland of luxury fashion and contemporary clothing. Made as a complete wardrobe for the modern man. Showing collections four times a year. Dailyroutine offers a solid ground for a modern store to buy seasonal collections. The founder and creative director Christian Lappish, has a very established history in contemporary fashion working for luxury brands as St John, Elie Tahari, YSL and Alexander McQueen among others.


A collaboration between Massimo Berloni and Manuela Mariotti, Dondup was founded in 1999. True to their name inspired by the Tibetan principle of diversity as a consequence of action, Dundop has evolved and diversified over the years. Originally a popular denim producer among style lovers, it today offers complete collections in a wide selection of materials, for both men and women.

Frasi by Simone Righi

Simone’s designs are best described as classics with a modern infusion. He relies on traditional, quality materials, the majority of which are made in Italy. ”I have, in many ways, held onto the fashion styles that were trendy when I was taught my clothes making skills thirty years ago. Classicaly tailored suits, coats and shirts by the best manufacturers.”

Gaiola Napoli

Starting from a careful selection of the finest fabrics, through a flawless care in the making, every garment by Gaiola is a promise of style and elegance. Solid traditional teachings look to the needs of contemporary costumers, with the added value of a family-run workshop.


For GANT, it all began with shirts and we’ve never stopped reinventing them. Born in 1949, it’s a shirt that is rich in legacy and history. The combination of our founder Bernard Gantmacher’s dedication to quality and his sons Marty and Elliot’s sense for style and business proved to be a winning formula.

L.B.M. 1911

Lubiam is one of the few Italian companies which is still run by the family of its founder, Luigi Bianchi, who in 1911 set up Primaria Sartoria Luigi Bianchi – menswear and women’s dresses and suits. Constantly committed to research, innovation and continuous experimenting, Lubiam has marked its 100th anniversary with success, establishing itself in Italy and the world as a company that continually reinvents itself and its hight quality products, without forgetting its own history and tradition.


The collections bearing the Lardini label reveal all the excellence of the sartorial tradition of a unique land, rich in courage, passion and hands skilled in designing, cutting and giving shape to the beautiful: the Marches. The core values of the firm hinge on a creative entrepreneurial and stylistic policy, skilled workmanship, meticulous production and strict quality control, combined with major ongoing investments in research, development, innovation and training.

Oscar Jacobson

The better a garment suits you, the better it fits, the better it falls over your shoulders, the better it feels on your back, the more comfortable you become. That’s why Oscar Jacobson is very meticulous about details, fitting and tailoring the old way (with stitches rather than glue). When you feel what you are wearing, it seldom feels good. But when you don’t think about it, when you can walk, sit and move without having “something in the way”, that’s when you can relax. That’s when you can… “not give a damn”. And that’s how it feels wearing Oscar Jacobson – your invisible friend that lets you be you.

Sand Copenhagen

The design of the Danish Fashion house SAND is driven by passion, creativity and innovation. What started in the 80’s, until today grew into an international fashion brand. Cool Scandinavian silhouettes combined with southern European charm to maintain its provocative, sophisticated focus – SAND creates clothes for the way world citizens think, work and live. The overall philosophy behind the collection of SAND – whether it be for Men or Women – is a fine balance between the neo-classic and sophisticated up against the twisted and the quirky.

Save the Duck

Originated in 1914, today the company is run by founder Foresto Bargi’s grandson Nicolas Bargi, the third generation of entrepreneurs to develop the business creating the Ganesh and Save the Duck brands and globally growing the local company by turning it into an internationally renowned one. To us, creating fashion means being responsible for our actions and straightforward with our clients. Each and every collection is designed by our team to guarantee comfortable, attractive garments that respect the environment and animals.


Style, quality and comfort in every detail. This philosophy has made Stenströms one of Sweden’s most well-known and respected brands. The classic Stenströms shirt carries more than 100 years of tradition, craftsmanship and quality. Women’s blouses, knitted garments, accessories, boxer shorts and ties are now also included in our business concept. Now, we can look back on our first century as a design and fashion house. And even though we continue to grow, our attitude to quality always remains the same.

Tiger of Sweden

Today widely regarded a symbol of Scandinavian minimalist fashion, Tiger of Sweden’s history spans over more than a century. Born from the idea of reaching out to the customers instead of having them come to us, the customers got their suits faster and more easily than before without reduction in quality, the brand has kept evolving and redefining itself. Staying true to the philosophy ”A Different Cut”.


Since 2001, we’ve been making some of the finest apparel on the market. We took inspiration from the original Swiss Army Knife and made each garment a purposefully designed fusion of our values: quality, functionality, innovation and iconic design. So whether you’re standing on a mountain peak admiring the valley or on top of a skyscraper taking in the city, you’ll be comfortable, you’ll look good and you’ll be ready for anything

The Reason

The overcrowding of traffic is, together with its environmental consequences, of growing concern for major cities of the world. Something that is spurring ever more of its citizens to turn their attention towards a more sustainable alternative.

The Philosophy

Giro d’Stil is about inspiring the evolution of the bicycle as a natural extension of the contemporary cosmopolitan.
A fashionable and sustainable fusion of style, human movement and mobility.

The rules

§1. Stay sharp  §2. Keep a low pulse  §3. Ride in style

The competitors

Besides looking sharp, all riders must represent a fashion brand team in order to qualify and participate.

Johan Schulz
Sales & Brand Director
+46 70 938 50 50

Jonas Bergström
Founder & Brand Director
+46 70 537 09 25

Lennart Wejdmark
Creative Director & Project Mgr
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