Giro d’Stil Pitti Uomo is currently being planned. Stay tuned for more information.

See you on the roads.

Giro d’Stil at Pitti Uomo 14–17.06.2016

Positioned in the middle of Fortezza Basso, is the Giro d’Stil basecamp and studio. Here spectators can take part of our philosophy, follow interviews and mini events during 4 days at Pitti Uomo.

The Race

Starting at Fortezza Basso, impeccably dressed models ride through the stunning city of Florence, showing what it means to really ride in style. All riders are monitored for style as well as pulse throughout. A high pulse or fashion fouls such as a sloppily worn necktie results in penalty time.

In Giro d’Stil winning is not about being first finisher. It’s about being the most fashionable.

The Reason

The overcrowding of traffic is, together with its environmental consequences, of growing concern for major cities of the world. Something that is spurring ever more of its citizens to turn their attention towards a more sustainable alternative.

The Philosophy

Giro d’Stil is about inspiring the evolution of the bicycle as a natural extension of the contemporary cosmopolitan.
A fashionable and sustainable fusion of style, human movement and mobility.

The rules

§1. Stay sharp  §2. Keep a low pulse  §3. Ride in style

The competitors

All riders must represent a participating fashion brand team.

Johan Schulz
Sales & Brand Director
+46 70 938 50 50

Jonas Bergström
Founder & Brand Director
+46 70 537 09 25

Lennart Wejdmark
Creative Director & Project Mgr
+46 70 375 04 14